About 3Glasses

VR Technology Holdings Limited, also known as 3Glasses, is the leading company with her own renown brand in VR/AR market based in China. By the continuous development of VR/AR technology, 3Glasses is certified by Chinese government as National Hi-tech Enterprise. 3Glasses contributed the first successful business model in the region by combining her own D2 VR headsets and motion simulators – the VR Experience Zone/VR Arcade. The business model made VR experience became available and affordable for every one. In the end of 2016, 3Glasses is announced as Windows Mixed Reality partner, currently the only hardware partner with her own brand and intellectual properties.


Based in China, 3Glasses is a leading company in the region devoted to the creation of innovative virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) products and technologies across various sectors. Its mission is to empower users in all industries and fields to benefit from virtual reality. The technology and software solutions have been adopted by over 200 projects across industries such as construction, design and travel. Shenzhen VR Technology currently owns nearly 100 VR patents.


Aiming to provide user a complete experience, 3Glasses has developed three key sectors of bossiness – VR/AR hardware, VR content platform VRSHOW and developer service platform with her own SDK.


Our achievements:
•Announced 3Glasses D1 (Developer Edition) in Oct 2014 - Asia's first mass produced VR HMD;
•Announced 3Glasses D2 (Vanguard Edition) in Jun 2015 - The first ever VR HMD with a revolutionary 2K resolution display;
•Announced 3Glasses Blubur S1 (Consumer Edition) in Jun 2016 - The first ever VR HMD with highest resolution (exceed 2K) together with position tracking solution-3Wand;
•Announced as the only Windows Holograhic Partner in China on Dec 8, 2016.


3Glasses Values

  • Sincerity


  • Reliability


  • Innovation


  • Happiness