3Glasses D2

2K immersive VR headset

5.5 inch HD 2K resolution display

3Glasses D2 is equipped with HD 2K display made by top-notch manufacturer that outperforms 1K
screens with PPI up to 534. It renders every detail of games and films like real.

2K 2560

Low latency and high refresh rate

When the latency is high, many shadows
will appear on the screen and cause
dizziness. The screen response time of
3Glasses D2 is less than 13ms, 1 magnitude less than D1.

Response time <13ms Refresh rate of 60Hz Imported high-quality chip

Suitable for people with different visions

If you have myopia or not, you can indulge yourself in VR experience

Can be used with glasses Adjustable pupil distance

Crystal clear images without blur

FOV is the field of view of VR headset. The more similar it is to human FOV, the weaker the presence of the window is, the stronger the immersive experience is.

Anti-blue light coating lens

Light weight of 246g ensures comfortable wear

246g Ergonomic design Touch penal APP Optical sensor component