March 3Glasses announced the introduction of Digital Domain as strategic investors.


Jan 3Glasses Blubur S1 and 3Wand Suite first debut overseas on CES 2017 along with VR mobilization solution 3Box, MR experience with Intel® RealSense™ module and eye-tricking solution.

Apr Blubur S1 and 3Wand Suite support Windows Mixed Reality first debut on Global Sources Electronics Show. Winner of Most Promising Electronic Gadgets by China Daily Innovation Awards

May 3Glasses partnered with Microsoft as the only Mixed Reality Partner demoed the whole solution of Windows Mixed Reality at COMPUTEX 2017.

Aug 3Glasses Blubur S1 (Type 2) MR Developer Kit initial shipping started.

Dec 3Glasses launched Blubur S2 Windows Mixed Reality HMD and mobile VR solution, 3Box.


Jan 6-9 2016 3Glasses Blubur S1, the first exceeding 2K resolutions HMD, first debut on CES 2016 attracted huge attention globally.

Mar 31 2016 3Glasses Blubur S1, the first exceeding 2K resolutions HMD, first debut in China with position tracking solution- 3Wand and VR mobilization solution 3Box.

Jun 1 2016 The first VR contents distribution and monetization platform VRSHOW went live! (Both PC VR and Mobile VR contents)

Aug 26 2016 Blubur S1 official shipping started on the 36th anniversary of Shenzhen.

Nov 2016 3Glasses was authorized by government as National Hi-tech Enterprise.

Dec 8 2016 3Glasses was announced as Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner and the only partner with her own VR IPs and brand company.


Apr 2015 Unity & 3Glasses SDK released at UNITE Beijing.

June 30 2015 3Glasses D2, the world’s first 2K resolutions HMD launching event.

September 3Glasses D2 started shipping. Unreal & 3Glasses SDK released.

December 3Glasses VR Experience Zone exceeded 1500+ spots and hit 80% market share. 3Glasses VR Experience Zone won the Innovative Business Model Awards.

Feb 2015 3Glasses Management Platform went live.


Jan 2014 3Glasses D1 developer edition prototype debut.

Jul 2014 3Glasses D1 announced with 8000 people tested on ChinaJoy & Unity Night.

Sep 2014 Global official website went live! (English and Traditional Chinese version)

Oct 2014 VR Technology (Shenzhen) Limited started. Main business on developing VR/AR technology IP.!

Oct 24 2014 3Glasses D1 launching event in Beijing. The first-ever PC VR headsets in Asis.

Dec 31 2014 3Glasses D1 started shipping following with a trend-setting business model – VR Experience Zone.


Dec 2013 3Glasses mother company VR Technology Holdings Limited started.


Dec 2012 3Glasses VR Headsets Project kickstarted. 3Glasses brand registered in the same year that Oculus VR started.


January Aiming to create the affordable and accessible VR devices and experience for everyone, Jessie started recruiting top talents in the region.


December 3Glasses Founder Jessie Wang started her career in 3D simulation business and built one of the first team to commercialize the VR technology.