About 3Glasses

Shenzhen Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd. (3Glasses), the first company in China to dabble in virtual reality and mixed reality, China Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (Windows Reality) industry leader, VR industry patent holder (as of May 6, 2020: 404 patents), Microsoft's first MR partner worldwide. With 18 years of virtual reality technology and industry experience, the accumulation of 3000+ developers, 6000+ experience content, the amount of contracted content 1000+ (of which the number of games 60+). In 2018, in partnership with Digital Domain, one of the world's largest virtual reality (VR) experience providers, with 10 Oscars. The next generation of consumer-grade ultra-thin VR glasses X1 will be launched in 2019, a milestone leap in VR hardware form and the first official certification of Qualcomm XR Optimized program. In the future, 3Glasses will, as always, down-to-earth empowerment line-up of the pan-entertainment industry, to create a first experience after consumption business model, to help VR popular landing, so that more people can enjoy the beauty of virtual reality.



Our achievements:
• Announced 3Glasses D1 (Developer Edition) in Oct 2014 - Asia's first mass produced VR HMD
• Announced 3Glasses D2 (Vanguard Edition) in Jun 2015 - The first ever VR HMD with a revolutionary 2K resolution display.
• Announced 3Glasses Blubur S1 (Consumer Edition) in Jun 2016 - The first ever VR HMD with highest resolution (exceed 2K) together with position tracking solution.
• Announced as the wave 1 Windows Mixed Reality Partner in China on Dec 8, 2016.
• 3Glasses Blubur S1 as the 1st available Mixed Reality Developer Kit with her own controllers in Jun 2017.
• 3Glasses announced Windows Mixed Reality HMD, Blubur S2 and mobile VR solution, 3Box on Dec 19, 2017.


3Glasses Values

  • Sincerity


  • Reliability


  • Innovation


  • Happiness