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    The traditional way of entertainment is losing attention from millennials. They are seeking for more exciting and revolutionary way of entertainment. The innovation of VR technology is just right fit in their needs. VR Arcade provides the immersive entertainment experience combining VR with motion simulator, providing vibrations, spinning and feel of fall to maximize the excitement. This is one of the trending business in China.

    VR Arcade can be set in various spots. Any place with high traffics can be an option, such as mall, city plaza, parks, movie theaters, tourist attractions, train stations, airports... etc. It's a perfect way to fulfill the consumptive habits of young generations.


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    VR Battle

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    Join Hands

    The disruptive innovation brought by VR technology is influencing people’s daily life. We look forward to collaboration with partners from every different market sectors.

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    The various applications and possibilities makes VR an evolving market. 3Glasses is willing to grow with our partners and incubates innovation together.

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    We are dedicated creators aiming to shape the future of Virtual Reality. Be creative with us. The only limitation is your imagination.

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